Basics of DJing

Why Do DJs Use Headphones (What is Their Purpose)

When performing, DJs use their headphones to prepare the next track that they want to play in their DJ set. DJs listen to the song that they’re planning to play next in their headphones and make sure that it lines up with the beat of the current song. This is the way that DJs make […]

At What Age Can You Start DJing?

You can start DJing at any age. Especially when you’re young you learn things much more quickly, so it would even be a good idea to start DJing as soon as possible. An added benefit when you start DJing at a young age is that you’ll have a lot of years ahead of you to […]

A Beginner DJs Guide to Hot Cues

A term that you won’t be able to ignore in our DJ world is a hot cue. Almost all DJs use hot cues when they’re mixing. It’s possible to DJ without them but they are so helpful to improve your DJ mix so why not use them? If you’re a beginner I can imagine if […]

Transition Between Songs – DJ Transition Tips for Beginners

This was probably the first question I ever asked myself when trying to learn how to be a DJ. How do DJs Transition between songs? I can imagine if you want to start to learn how to DJ yourself, you’re asking the same question right now. In this article, I’m going to try to explain […]

What is a Crossfader? (And How to Use it)

The crossfader is a well-known DJ term, but if you’re a beginner you might wonder, what is a crossfader and how do you use it? I was wondering this as well when I first started. This is what you should know about the crossfader. A crossfader is a slider on a DJ controller that you […]

What are Cue Points? (And How to Use them)

Cue points are another helpful tool for a DJ to work faster and smarter. If you don’t know what cue points are and how they can help you as a DJ, this post is for you. A cue point is a manually set mark in a song. When you press the button that correlates with […]

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