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Top 3 DJ Courses for Beginners 2023

There are thousands of DJ courses out there. How do you choose the right one if you’re a beginner? I’ve taken a couple of beginner DJ courses for beginners, and I want to share my experiences with you. On this page I will share my current favourite beginner DJ courses. Hopefully, my experience will help you choose the right one for you.

Do Beginner DJs Need a DJ course?

You can find enough tutorials and tips online to teach yourself how to DJ. You don’t need a DJ course to learn how to DJ. However, a good DJ course will make it so much easier for you to learn how to DJ.

Not only will it be much easier to learn how to DJ, you will also learn how to DJ the right way. Teaching yourself how to DJ can lead to picking up wrong habits from the start. It’s hard to unlearn habits, and it’s easy to learn the right habits with a DJ course that has a good structure and in depth coverage of topics.

My Top 3 Beginner DJ Courses

My top 3 beginner DJ courses are based on the value of the courses. I take into account the price of the course and the value that the course provides for new DJs. So if you’re looking for the best investment to learn how to DJ, here is my top 3:

  1. Club Ready DJ School
  2. Crossfader Online DJ Courses
  3. Beginner DJ Lessons by Phil Harris

9 Beginner DJ Courses That Won’t Waste Your Money

If you want more options to choose from, in the next section you’ll find the full list of 9 Beginner DJ courses.

Club Ready DJ School Beginner DJ Course

The Club Ready DJ School is a fun and instructive DJ course that gets aspiring DJs ready for the club. Don’t worry if you don’t want to DJ at a club, you don’t have to.

Your teacher in this course is Andrew Duffield. An Australian DJ, DJ School owner, and former club owner, that will teach you everything he has learned throughout his DJ career and his club owning history.

This course offers a lot of value because it covers every subject there is to cover for beginner DJs. It’s also a good course for aspiring DJs that want to DJ with a different genre than house and EDM. Unlike a lot of other courses out there the Club Ready DJ Course will teach you how to DJ with not just house and EDM, but with all genres.

If you want to try out Club Ready DJ School first you can sign up for the free mini course. From there its an easy switch to the full course.

  • Price: $135
  • Recommended for: all beginner DJs with zero knowledge, also aspiring club DJs, who might already have a little bit of DJ knowledge.
  • All DJ courses by Club Ready DJ School:
    • Club Ready DJ Course
    • Advanced Performance Pack

Crossfader Online DJ Courses

Crossfader is an online DJ school from the UK. It began it’s journey in 2014 as a local DJ school, with founder Jamie Hartley. As Crossfader got bigger, more DJs joined the Crossfader team. In the Crossfader YouTube channel you’ll now see more faces behind the decks, like Lawrence James, and James Holland.

The Crossfader courses look and feel professional. It’s a bit more formal than most DJ courses, but there is nothing wrong with formal and professional, as long as they provide good quality DJ courses. Which they do.

The Crossfader courses are a little bit smaller and have less total video length than DJ courses that offer a broader range of subjects, but are still of good value.

  • Price: $60-$125
  • Recommended for: Beginner DJs that like specific guidance with a DJ controller, DJ software brand, area that they want to improve, or genre.
  • All DJ courses by Crossfader:
    • Rekordbox
    • Serato DJ
    • Virtual DJ
    • Traktor DJ
    • Pioneer DJ 200
    • Pioneer DDJ SB3
    • Pioneer DDJ 400
    • Pioneer XDJ
    • Pioneer CDJ
    • Denon DJ
    • House
    • Hip-Hop
    • Scratching
    • Toneplay
    • DJ Transitions

Beginner DJ Lessons by Phil Harris

Phil Harris is a British DJ and You-tuber that owns the Beginner DJ Lessons Course. Phil is a former wedding DJ. Though wedding DJs usually DJ with all kinds of different genres, in his DJ course the training video are mainly about the dance music scene.

For more information you can read my full review of the Beginner DJ Lessons Course.

Price: $97.00

Recommended for: Beginner DJs that don’t have $135 to spend on the Club Ready DJ Course. However, keep in mind that you also don’t get the same value than the Club Ready DJ Course offers. For example, the total video length of this course is much less than the Club Ready DJ Course and not all DJ subjects are covered.

All DJ Courses by Phil Harris

  • Beginner DJ Lessons
  • Intermediate DJ Lessons
  • Advanced DJ Lessons
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