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Are DJ Courses Worth It? (Do They Make You a Better DJ)

As a beginner DJ you lack the knowledge to really know if you should buy a course or not. You want to progress but you also don’t want to waste your money on unnecessary things. I’ve been there.

When I first started learning how to DJ beginner, I tried DJing without a course, later on I decided to buy a course anyway. In this post I’ll share the pros and cons and my own experiences with learning how to DJ with and without a DJ course.

Should You Take a DJ Course

The answer to this question is different for everyone. However, to help you make a decision for yourself I want you you to have all the information that you need, so you’ll be well informed and can make the best decision for yourself.

Let’s look at the different situations in which you might not need a DJ course, or when a DJ course might actually be a very good decision.

Can You Afford a DJ Course

The first thing that you have to consider is if you can you easily afford to buy a DJ course, and if you can, you need to know which course is worth your money.

I recommend that you read reviews and talk to people about the DJ courses that are offered. Learn from people that you can trust and know what they’re talking about.

DJing Ambitions

Do you want to be a bedroom DJ or do you aspire to DJ at parties and events? Maybe even a club DJ or a wedding DJ. In todays social media world, you might even want to be a social media DJ that shares DJ sets on Instagram, Twitch, Youtube etc.

If you want to be a bedroom DJ, taking a DJ course might not be the best way to go for you. You can learn some basic skills and transitions from YouTube DJs and other free sources, and have fun DJing in your bedroom for yourself.


Are you someone that starts a project and quits very quickly? someone that has a hard time finishing what you started? A DJ course would be a great investment for you.

DJ courses help you stick to your project of learning how to DJ. You’re also less inclined to quit because the DJ course has cost you some money, and you don’t want it to be for nothing.

Learning from free sources like youtube is nice and makes a difference in your wallet, but if you don’t have some form of guidance through the your proces of learning, you’ll won’t learn as quickly and could be inclined to quit sooner.

Summary of the pros and cons of taking a DJ course.

Learn in a structured way, to learn and improve fasterThey cost money
Often provide good exercises to learnNot all DJ courses are worth the money
DJ courses often come with a DJing community to learn an stay in touch
You’re more inclined to stick to practicing and learning
Pros and cons of taking a dj course

My Experiences Learning How to DJ With and Without a DJ Course

My experience with learning how to DJ with and without a DJ course has taught me that sometimes investing in a course to improve your skills is definitely worth it.

When I was learning how to DJ without a DJ course, I never really knew what I was doing. I searched for some videos on Youtube and found some DJ blogs, but my brain was scattered. Especially because leanring how to DJ can be an overwhelming thing in the beginning.

Once I bought the DJ course my skills sky rocketed, and I finally had the feeling that I was actually learning how to DJ the right way.

You need to create the right habits first, you need to learn the basics, before you can ever improve. The only way to do that is by taking a DJ course.

Best DJ Courses for Beginners

DJ courses will teach you how to DJ in the right order and help you create the right habits. Good courses have a training structure that is very beneficial to the student. Good courses also have good teachers that are experienced and have the right credentials.

If you have decided you want to take a DJ course, here are my recommendations:

  1. Club Ready DJ Course
  2. Digital DJ Tips
  3. Crossfader
  4. Beginner DJ Lessons

Club Ready DJ Course

The Club Ready DJ Course is created by Andrew Duffield. An Australian DJ and former club owner, who now want to teach everything he knows to his students. With a Club Ready DJ Tribe this course also has a great active community full of beginners and advanced DJs.

In my opinion one of the best DJ courses for beginners on the market today. The Club Ready DJ Course offers you everything you need and more, to jump start your DJ journey.

Crossfader DJ Courses

Owned by Jamie Hartley, an online DJ school owner from the UK. Together with a team of DJs they teach beginner DJs how to DJ in online training courses.

The training courses they offer are divided into different hardware or software courses. For example there is a Serato DJ course, a Rekordbox course, a Pioneer DDJ SB3 course, a Denon DJ Prime course etc.

Digital DJ Tips

Digital DJ Tips is owned by Phil Morse. However the teachers in the DJ courses will vary. Digital DJ Tips offer a lot of different courses. Some of these include scratching courses, Serato courses, James Hype Club Banger Course, Open format DJ course and much more.

Phill Harris Beginner DJ Lessons

Phil Harris is the owner and teacher of Beginner DJ Lessons. Phill Harris is a YouTube DJ and former wedding DJ. Phill now makes his money with his YouTube channel and teaching other people how to DJ .

Beginner DJ Lessons is a DJ course for beginner DJs that would like to DJ with especially EDM music. It’s a good course for people that don’t want to DJ in clubs but would rather want to DJ birthday parties and self hosted parties.

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