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Can You Make Beats with a DJ Controller?

Good DJs can turn any song into a very unique-sounding piece of music, using DJ controller features like loops, EQs, FX, and hot cues. However, you can’t create beats with a DJ controller. DJ controllers are not made to create beats, but rather to manipulate the sound of already created beats and songs. For creating […]

Best DJ Pool for Open Format DJs (All genres)

If you’re an open format DJ picking the right DJ pool is not easy. A lot of DJ pools are heavily fixated on 1 or 2 genres and often neglect a lot of the other genres. Needing many genres in their music collection, open-format DJs often subscribe to multiple DJ pools. Is this really necessary? […]

Complete Guide to DJ Software for Beginners (with Top 3)

DJ software can be an overwhelming thing when you’re a beginner DJ. There are many choices these days when it comes to DJ software, but if you’re a beginner you just don’t know what to look for. When I was a beginner DJ I had to ask someone else to help me out as well. […]

DJ Software for Numark (DJ Controller List with Software Info)

DJ software compatibility is an important requirement to think about when buying a new DJ controller. If you’re thinking about buying a new Numark DJ controller but you’re wondering which DJ software is compatible with Numark, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll find compatible DJ software for Numark controllers. All Numark […]

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