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Best DJ Pool for Open Format DJs (All genres)

If you’re an open format DJ picking the right DJ pool is not easy. A lot of DJ pools are heavily fixated on 1 or 2 genres and often neglect a lot of the other genres. Needing many genres in their music collection, open-format DJs often subscribe to multiple DJ pools. Is this really necessary? In this post, I’m going to discuss the best DJ pool for open format DJs.

The best DJ Pool for open format DJs is BPM supreme. They have the widest range of genres, they don’t neglect genres and they also have classics and throwbacks available. Unlike other DJ pools where songs are deleted after some months have passed. BPM Supreme’s website is also a source of inspiration for mixing multiple genres.

In this post, we’re going to dive deeper into the genres of BPM supreme, and why they’re an awesome DJ pool for open format DJs that like to mix all genres.

Why BPM Supreme is the Best DJ Pool for All Genres

A while ago I researched a couple of famous DJ pools and dived into their music collections. I wanted to stop guessing and gambling about their genres. So I actually counted how many songs of each genre were in their database.

What stood out to me was that BPM Supreme was one of the few DJ pools that invest in old skool music. They offer classics all kinds of music from the 00s, 90s, 80s and even further back. I did not see that in any DJ record pool.

Another thing that stood out to me is that BPM supreme maybe doesn’t have the biggest music collection they do invest in all music genres and not just one. Yes, they do have a favorite genre (Hip-Hop) but it’s not like 50% of all music is Hip-Hop. It’s much more spread across multiple genres.

I’ve you’re curious about the full list of genres and the spread of songs throughout those genres you can read my BPM Supreme review.

Other Music Sources for Open Format DJs

DJ pools, besides BPM supreme, are not really fit for an open format DJ, unless you want to subscribe to multiple DJ pools.

Music streaming services

Other places where you can download all kinds of music genres are music streaming services like Tidal. Tidal is a music streaming service that offers all genres and it’s also pretty easy to connect to your DJ software.

Just recently I wrote an article on how to DJ with Tidal, you might want to give it a read if you’re interested.

Another music streaming service that might be interesting if you like to DJ with multiple genres is Soundcloud. On SoundCloud, you can even upload your own mixes. It’s more like a social platform where people share music. You can also download popular mainstream music of all genres when you upgrade to SoundCloud Go+.

Buying Music

This one might be obvious, but I bought a lot of songs from platforms like iTunes. It’s the place where you can get anything you want.

Like Tidal, iTunes is very easy to connect to your DJ software.

What I especially thought was very useful, were the top 100’s of every year. You can have all songs that were popular in one particular year with the click of a button. You’ll come across music that you have long forgotten but were actually big hits.

Other DJ Pools

BPM supreme might be the best DJ pool if you like to DJ with all genres, but of course, you could also combine some DJ music pools.

The one that I would recommend besides BPM Supreme is DJcity. Music-wise they do offer some solid genres and a lot of new music every week. Though they might not have throwbacks and classics, their music collection is worth taking a look at.

If you like to DJ with a lot of dance music too then signing up to Beatport or BeatSource might also be a good idea. These two music streaming services are created for DJs that specifically like to DJ with dance music like house, EDM, trance, deep house, techno, techno-house, and all those kinds of genres.


Open format DJs need a music source where all genres are offered. Most DJ pools focus heavily on 1 or 2 genres. There is one DJ pool though that comes out strong when it comes to offering all kinds of genres. That is BPM Supreme.

BPM supreme offers all kinds of genres and has a good amount of songs in each genre. They also offer throwbacks, classics, and old skool songs. Even from way back before the ’80s.

If you’re an open format DJ, BPM Supreme is the way to go.

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