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How to DJ Without Speakers Using Just Your Headphones

There can be a couple of reasons why you want to learn how to DJ without speakers, using just your headphones. One of them might be that your hobby is too loud. Your parents or neighbours might not be too happy with you. Another reason might be simply because you don’t own any speakers. Whatever […]

Learn How to DJ – 6 Step Tutorial to Your First DJ Mix

DJing might look easy and sounds easy from a dancefloor perspective. There are a whole lot of aspects to DJing that people outside of your booth don’t have a clue about. Most people don’t care and don’t think about it. However, if you’ve landed on this page there must be something about DJing that excites […]

DJ Without a Controller (Tips, Best DJ Software)

There are several reasons to DJ without a controller. You might not have the money to buy a DJ controller right now or you want to figure out if DJing is something you want to pursue. I still DJ without a controller sometimes, just for fun. Whatever the reason, DJing without a DJ controller is […]

Complete Pioneer DDJ SB3 Tutorial (Unbox, Connect & Use)

I’ve been using the Pioneer DDJ SB3 for 6 months now and I wanted to create this tutorial for every proud new owner of this beautiful piece of DJ equipment. I can imagine, if you’re a beginner DJ, and you see this controller for the first time, it can be a little overwhelming. This tutorial […]

Complete Beginners Guide to DJ Pools

When I first started DJing I never heard of DJ Pools. Thankfully I did learn about DJ pools very quickly because it turned out to be an awesome place where I could search, discover, and download music to DJ with. No more ripping Youtube music or downloading MP3s on sketchy websites that filled my computer […]

How to Start DJing with No Money

No money in your bank account but you would still love to learn how to DJ? You don’t need expensive equipment to learn how to DJ. In this post, I will show you how you can start DJing with no money at all. DJing with no money shouldn’t be a problem. All you really need […]

Basics of DJing – How to Learn to DJ for Beginners

Learning the fundamentals is always the best way to learn anything. DJing is learning the basics and repeating until you master them. It’s very important to learn these fundamental basics the right way from the start. That’s why in this post I’m going to share with you my best tips to begin to learn the […]

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