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DJ Software for Numark (DJ Controller List with Software Info)

DJ software compatibility is an important requirement to think about when buying a new DJ controller. If you’re thinking about buying a new Numark DJ controller but you’re wondering which DJ software is compatible with Numark, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll find compatible DJ software for Numark controllers.

All Numark DJ controllers are compatible with Serato DJ Lite, Serto DJ Pro, and Virtual DJ. The Numark Mixtrack Pro FX is also compatible with Traktor. Some Numark mixers are also compatible with DJ apps like Djay

You can see the full list of DJ controllers with their compatible DJ software below. I’ll also talk about the different DJ software and where you can download them. Continue to read if you want to learn more.

DJ Software for Numark DJ Controllers

Numark DJ2Go2 Touch

Compatible Software

  • Serato DJ Lite
  • Serato DJ Pro
  • Virtual DJ
  • DJay (DJ App)

Numark Mixtrack Pro FX

Compatible Software

  • Serato DJ Lite
  • Serato DJ Pro
  • Virtual DJ
  • Traktor Pro 2/3

Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX

Compatible Software

  • Serato DJ Lite
  • Serato DJ Pro
  • Virtual DJ

Numark Party Mix Live

Compatible Software

  • Serato DJ Lite
  • Serato DJ Pro
  • Virtual DJ

Numark Party Mix II

Compatible Software

  • Serato DJ Lite
  • Serato DJ Pro
  • Virtual DJ

Download DJ Software for Numark

Serato DJ

Numark is compatible with one of the best DJ software in the market today, Serato DJ. Launching their first product in 1999 they have been in the game for a long time.

Serato DJ was launched for the first time in 2013, then in 2018 Serato changed its flagship and split it into 2: Serato DJ Lite and Serato DJ Pro.

At the moment they’re without a doubt one of the most popular DJ software.

Serato DJ Lite is lighter, more compact, and easier to use compared to the Serato DJ Pro software. It’s the best opinion if you’re a beginner DJ just starting to learn your DJ software and DJ gear.

Serato DJ Pro is still a very easy-to-use software but with a lot more features. In my opinion, a very good choice of DJ software for Numark DJ controllers.

If you’re a fan of Serato, check out the full list of Serato compatible DJ controllers.

Price & Download Link

You can download Serato DJ Lite for free.

Serato DJ Pro is $9.99 per month or $149 for a lifetime purchase.

Virtual DJ

Atomix Productions, established in 1996, is the company behind VirtualDJ. In its origins, it’s a French company but over the years its offices started spreading all across the globe.

Virtual DJ has several versions of their DJ software. They have a free version for DJs that don’t own a DJ controller. When you connect your VirtualDJ with a DJ controller you will have to pay for a license of $49 or $99 depending on your DJ controller.

They also have a VirtualDJ Pro version. A VirtualDJ Pro license will cost you $19 per month, a one-time purchase will cost you $299.

Lastly, Virtual DJ has a business license, which is the most expensive one and will cost you $99 per month.

Virtual DJ is also a good choice of DJ software for Numark DJ controllers.

Click here to download VirtualDJ from the VirtualDJ website.


Traktor DJ is a brand owned by Native Instruments. Native Instruments has been in the business for over 20 years.

Native Instruments was founded in Berlin in 1996. Today, it has offices in Berlin, Los Angeles, Toronto, Tokyo, London, Paris, and Shenzhen.

Traktor doesn’t just offer DJ software but it also offers DJ controllers, mixers, and many more other DJ and producer products.

The DJ software that Traktor offers for your Numark DJ controller is called Traktor DJ Pro. Traktor Pro 3 is the latest version of the Traktor Pro software.

You can download Traktor Pro from the Native Instruments website. The price at the moment for this DJ software is around $113 for a full purchase. If you’re updating from an older version it will cost you a little bit less; about $55.

Click here to download Traktor from the Traktor website.

DJay App

Djing with your phone has become increasingly popular. Especially with micro DJ controllers rising to the top.

Numark DJ2DO2 Touch is a micro Dj controller that you can use with the Djay App.

However, to be able to connect your Numark DJ2GO2 Touch to Djay Pro, you need the Apple Camera Connection Kit. You can easily buy these at Amazon. Click on the link to go to the Amazon product page.

To download the Djay App for iOS you can simply go to the app store on your phone, or you can download it through their website.


There is a very obvious connection to make between Numark and Serato, but a lot of people don’t know that VirtualDJ is also a good DJ software for Numark controllers that is actually compatible too.

While I’m a big fan of Serato DJ, I can imagine you would like to check out more DJ software to use with your Numark controller.

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