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Club Ready DJ School Review

The Club Ready DJ School offers DJ courses for beginner and advanced DJs. Having taken these courses recently, I want to share with you my takeaways and recommendations. So if you’re looking for a DJ course to get you started or keep you going strong, keep on reading.

In this post I’ll give you a full review on the Club Ready DJ Course for beginners and I’ll share all the information you need on their advanced courses they have to offer as well.

Club Ready DJ Course Key Takeaways

What I love about the course

  • Knowledgeable and easy to listen to teacher
  • Comprehensive and in depth course. Some (valuable) topics I haven’t seen being taught on other courses, that this course does include.
  • A fun and helpful Club Ready DJ School tribe of students to continue and share your DJ journey with after the course.

What could be better

  • In some videos I would have liked to see more visuals of what the teacher means (For example, in one video the teacher explains a DJing concept on a whiteboard, I loved that, but would have loved to see more of visual teaching)
  • The price of the course is a little bit above average for a beginner dj course. However, the value is also much higher and there is no other DJ course that offers the quality and in depth coverage of everything you need to know as a DJ.


I have yet to come across a DJ course with the same value as the Club Ready DJ Course. The course provides everything you need and more, to develop a strong DJ foundation.

All things considered, I highly recommend the Club Ready DJ Course for all beginner DJs. It’s a great investment that you will benefit from for the rest of your life.

Full Review of the Club Ready DJ Course

In the next few chapters you will find my full review on the different aspects of this course. Below this full review you’ll find the information you need on the advanced courses the Club Ready DJ School has to offer.

General info

Teacher: Andrew Duffield

Total Video Length: 12:59:36

Price: $135

TIP: You can also buy the complete package with all 3 courses, including the Club Ready DJ Course, Advanced Performance Pack and Club Pack in 3 payments of $90. On the courses page you need to scroll down to find the option.

The Club Ready DJ Course is a DJ course for beginner DJs. It contains over 50 training videos all aimed to teach you the fundamental skills of being a DJ. The course is really geared toward getting you ready and giving you confidence to DJ live in front of people. Whether it’s in front of your friends or in a club.

andrew duffield explaining DJing in front of a DJ controller
Andrew Duffield is your teacher or the Club Ready DJ Course

Your teacher for this course is Andrew Duffield. A high spirited Australian DJ who has been running his own DJ school in Australia since 2014. He is also a former club owner, with over 20 years experience in the music industry.

You can also find Andrew on his Club Ready DJ School YouTube channel where he shares a lot of his DJ knowledge as well.

Course structure

The structure of the course is well put together. The course is divided into 4 weeks, and some additional bonus videos are added after those 4 weeks. By no means do you have to go through the course in 4 weeks, you can do the course and follow the videos at your own tempo.

In the image below you can find a screenshot of week 1 of the course and the topics that you’ll go through. You’ll also see the length of each training video right next to the topic of the video.

screenshot of week 1s topics of the club ready dj course

After every video, there is a very useful section where you can read the most important takeaways from the training. Like a short little guide on how to perform the exercise in the video. It’s very useful when you maybe didn’t fully understand how the exercise should be performed, or to check if you’ve missed something.

Here is what you can expect for these 4 weeks:

  • Week 1: Core foundations/essentials
  • Week 2: Pro DJ transitions and set crafting
  • Week 3: Advanced transitions and set flow
  • Week 4: Creative mixing, looping and main effects

Course Topics & Video Length

Below you’ll find a table with the main topics, the total number of videos on that main topic and the total video length.

TopicsNumber of VideosTotal Video Length Per Topic
DJ Controllers & Headphones21:42:47
DJ Software11:15:04
Finding Music & Preparing a Set or Mix346:59
Beat matching129:15
Cue point and Hot cues
(+ Where to set them)
Mixing (Where, When & How) + Transitions176:30:37
Find, Prepare & Mix Acapellas119:11
Record & Share a DJ Set
(+ Building Your DJ BIO)
Topics and number of videos per topic (including total video length)

Here is a list of sub-topics that are all covered in the main topics:

  • Building your music library
  • Beat matching
  • Phrase mixing
  • The mixing process (learn step by step)
  • Where to mix
  • Memory Cues
  • Hot Cues
  • Several DJ transitions
  • Harmonic mixing (Mixing in Key)
  • Mixing vocal driven music like Hip-Hop and Pop
  • How to use the EQs and filters
  • Creating and using loops
  • 3 deck mixing
  • Finding and preparing acapellas
  • Recording and sharing your DJ set
  • Pioneer DDJ400 vs. Club DJ gear

In my opinion the strongest area of this course is the in depth coverage of all topics. I’ve yet to see a course that covers so many topics in the depth as this course does. I especially like the knowledge that is shared on mixing vocal driven music, and not shying away from explaining how to mix the difficult music genres. 

Teacher Knowledge

The knowledge of the teacher is of a high standard. Andrew shares a lot from his experience as a former club owner and also translates it into his teachings. This means that he knows exactly what it takes, and knows what to teach you, to get you club ready.

Andrew has a good knowledge of all music genres and song structures. He also knows the difference between regular gear that you use at home and club gear. Knowledge that not all courses will own and teach you.

Teacher Style

Like I mentioned, Andrew is a high spirited man. He teaches with a smile on his face. It makes listening and looking at the videos of the course a lot more fun. There are more than 12 hours of video material in the course so, it’s nice to have a teacher in a good mood.

Andrew does like to talk a lot in his videos. Me personally I don’t mind the talking, but I would like to see more visuals during the talking. Some people learn better with visuals but it’s also to have a different view sometimes, instead of Andrew talking in front of the camera.

I do like it that sometimes he makes mistakes in his videos but just keeps the camera rolling. This gives the videos a very informal vibe. I think it’s enhancing the feeling that you don’t have to be perfect, not. just on camera, but especially while you’re practicing and learning to DJ during this course.

Connect with Other Club Ready DJ School Students

When you are at the very beginning of this course you will soon reach the section where you are introduced to the Club Ready DJ Tribe. This is a community of students that also purchased the course.

The community is very active and helpful. Students can share mixes, have a chat and ask a lot of questions. Andrew and a member of his team are also active in this community.

You can get in touch with this community on Facebook and on Discord. Both platforms are equally active.

Other Club Ready DJ School Courses

Besides the Club Ready DJ Course for beginners, Club Ready DJ School also offers 2 other packages and a free mini course.

If you would like to try out Andrews teaching skills and get a feeling for the course, you can easily sign up for the free mini course. After the mini course it’s an easy switch to the full course.

Advanced Performance Pack

The advanced performance pack is, like the title says, a little bit more advanced than the beginner DJ course. This course is geared toward more creative ways of mixing.

You’ll learn how to create creative mixes and make mixes more interesting and energetic. You’ll get familiar with creative thinking. He also dives into the subject of acapellas and how to use them to make your mixes sound really cool.

Besides that there are also training videos on using FX and other performance features. There is even a 3 deck mixing training, where you’ll learn how to mix with 3 channels.

You’ll also find a bonus video that will cover everything you need to know about preparing a mix, recording and sharing your set and everything about how to get your DJ name out there and share your BIO.

Club Pack

This course is all about getting out there as a DJ. Getting gigs, market yourself, planing your DJ sets and creating and sharing your own mixing. Because Andrew Duffield is a former club owner AND club DJ he knows a lot about the industry.

Andrew teaches everything he knows about:

Preparing to play live: including how to find venues and how to prepare your DJ set.

Marketing 101: branding, social media and creating a fan base.

Industry insights: valuable lessons expectations from venues, building a network, handling your nerves and even running your own night club.

Get All Courses in the Complete Package Deal

You can buy the complete package (all 3 courses) for $235. In my opinion, it’s a great deal if you want to learn the more advanced mixing skills. The beginner course and the advanced performance pack alone are worth $310. Even if you don’t want the Preparing to Play Live course, the complete package deal is well worth it.

You can also buy the complete package with all 3 courses, in 3 payments of $90.
On their courses page you need to scroll down to find the option.

Other Courses You Might Be Interested In

If you’re looking for a DJ course for beginners there are a few more courses that you might want to check out.


If there is anything you would like to know about the Club Ready DJ Course, or you if you want me to review a different course, feel free to ask! You can get in touch with me through the contact button at the top menu.

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