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Basics of DJing

What is a Crossfader? (And How to Use it)

The crossfader is a well-known DJ term, but if you’re a beginner you might wonder, what is a crossfader and how do you use it? This is what you should know about the crossfader. A crossfader is a slider on a DJ controller that you can slide to the left, to the right, or everything […]

What Are Cue Points? (And How to Use them)

Cue points are another helpful tool for a DJ to work faster and smarter. If you don’t know what cue points are and how they can help you as a DJ, this post is for you. A cue point is a manually set mark in a song. When you press the button that correlates with […]

How to Use Headphones when DJing

Your headphones can be of great help when you’re DJing. I remember when I struggled and had a lot of questions about how to use headphones when Djing. I want to help you save some time with this post. This is how to activate your headphones on your DJ hardware: Your headphones are a very […]

What is BPM when DJing? (and How to Use it)

When you’re just starting to learn how to DJ, you’ll notice that BPM is a term that is often used in the DJ world. So what is BPM and how do you use it as a DJ? BPM stands for beats per minute and is used in music to measure the speed of a song. […]

How to Transition from a Slow Song to a Fast Song

I remember how difficult it was for me in the beginning, to transition from a slow song with a low BPM to a fast song with a high BPM. So I decided to write this post to help all beginner DJs who are struggling to mix songs that have a large tempo difference. Here are […]

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