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Besides being in love with DJIng. Abigail is also a passionate soccer fan and a Formula 1 enthusiast

A Beginner DJs Guide to Hot Cues

A term that you won’t be able to ignore in our DJ world is a hot cue. Almost all DJs use hot cues when they’re mixing. It’s possible to DJ without them but they are so helpful to improve your DJ mix so why not use them? If you’re a beginner I can imagine if […]

Is the Pioneer DDJ SB3 Good for Beginners?

If you’re looking for a beginner DJ controller then you’ve probably come across the Pioneer DDJ SB3 a couple of times. You’re probably wondering if it’s a good DJ controller for beginner DJs who are at the beginning stages of their DJ journey. I bought the Pioneer DDJ SB3 myself about a year ago and […]

What is Phrase Mixing? Beginner DJs Need to Learn This

Phrase mixing opened up a whole new world for me when I first learned about it. My mixing got a whole lot better and it gave me so much inspiration. Phrase mixing is a very important skill that you need to master if you want to get good at mixing music. In this article, I’m […]

Learn How to DJ – 6 Step Tutorial to Your First DJ Mix

DJing might look easy and sounds easy from a dancefloor perspective. There are a whole lot of aspects to DJing that people outside of your booth don’t have a clue about. Most people don’t care and don’t think about it. However, if you’ve landed on this page there must be something about DJing that excites […]

DJ Without a Controller (Tips, Best DJ Software)

There are several reasons to DJ without a controller. You might not have the money to buy a DJ controller right now or you want to figure out if DJing is something you want to pursue. I still DJ without a controller sometimes, just for fun. Whatever the reason, DJing without a DJ controller is […]

BPM Music (Supreme) vs Digital DJ Pool (With Genre Comparison)

If you’re in doubt about whether to choose between BPM Supreme or Digital DJ Pool, you’re in the right place. Having reviewed both DJ pools separately first, it’s now time to compare the two and see their differences and similarities side by side. After reading this BPM Supreme vs Digital DJ pool comparison, it should […]

Transition Between Songs – DJ Transition Tips for Beginners

This was probably the first question I ever asked myself when trying to learn how to be a DJ. How do DJs Transition between songs? I can imagine if you want to start to learn how to DJ yourself, you’re asking the same question right now. In this article, I’m going to try to explain […]

Best Beginner DJ Controllers – 2023

Buying a new DJ controller is fun but also a little bit overwhelming. There are so many choices out there lately. For beginner DJs, it’s even harder because you don’t have the experience to compare or really know what you want. You have to start somewhere though and that’s why I’m going to share with […]

Complete Guide to DJ Software for Beginners (with Top 3)

DJ software can be an overwhelming thing when you’re a beginner DJ. There are many choices these days when it comes to DJ software, but if you’re a beginner you just don’t know what to look for. When I was a beginner DJ I had to ask someone else to help me out as well. […]

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