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BPM Music (Supreme) vs Digital DJ Pool (With Genre Comparison)

If you’re in doubt about whether to choose between BPM Supreme or Digital DJ Pool, you’re in the right place. Having reviewed both DJ pools separately first, it’s now time to compare the two and see their differences and similarities side by side. After reading this BPM Supreme vs Digital DJ pool comparison, it should be a little bit easier to make your decision.

BPM Supreme and Digital DJ Pool might look very similar on the surface. Have quite a few similarities in their genres and both their websites look very neat and are very user-friendly.

However, when you look a little bit closer you’ll find out that there are some very important differences between these two DJ pools. Differences that might change your mind when choosing which one to subscribe to.

To find out all of their similarities and differences, keep on reading.

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BPM Supreme vs Digital DJ Pool Music Collection

One of the most important things about a DJ pool is the music collection. There are huge differences in music collections for every DJ pool. I see this as a good thing because there is something for everyone.

Overall Music Collection

While the general comparison might show that these two DJ pools are very similar, there are some very important differences in their music collection.

You can see that Digital DJ pool’s music collection is growing on average by 256,8 new releases every week, while BPM supreme’s music collection is growing by 62,2 per week. However, there is a very important difference between the two music collections:

Digital DJ Pool does not have mainstream music. Their music library mainly consists of unknown and undiscovered artists, DJs, and Producers.

You will find mainstream songs in Digital DJ Pool, but not the original ones. They’re all remixes and edits of other DJs.

One more important difference to mention between the genres is that BPM supreme has the ’80s, ’90s, and ’00s music.

This means that BPM supreme has old-school music, throwbacks, and classics. Digital DJ Pool doesn’t have this.

BPM Supreme vs Digital DJ Pool Genre Comparison

To get a better understanding of what type of genres we’re going to take a deeper look at the genres.

Top 5 genres

Here are the top 5 genres for BPM Supreme vs Digital DJ Pool.

#BPM SupremeDigital DJ Pool
1Hip HopHip Hop
3Electro HouseHouse
BPM Supreme vs Digital DJ Pool Genre Comparison

New releases

There is a very big difference in the number of new releases every week. Digital DJ pool releases a lot more new music every week.

Let’s take a look at the spread of those new releases.

BPM supreme

Average new releases per week: 62,2

  • 55% Hip Hop & R&B releases
  • 13% Dance music releases
  • 9% Pop / Mainstream releases
  • 7% ’90s releases
  • 3,5% ’00s releases
  • 3,5% ’80s and back releases

Digital DJ Pool

Average new releases per week: 256,8

  • 49% are Hip Hop releases
  • 16% are Electronic music releases
  • 14% are House music releases
  • 11% are Pop releases
  • 6% are Caribbean releases
  • 4% other genres

BPM Supreme vs Digital DJ Pool Website Comparison

Both websites are one of the best I’ve seen so far for DJ pools. Let’s take a quick look at the main differences.

BPM Supreme website
BPM Supreme website
Digital Dj Pool website
Digital DJ Pool website

Look and Feel

BPM supreme’s website looks very professional and modern. There is a lot going on but they keep things organized and structured. It’s also very colorful.

Digital DJ Pool looks a bit calmer than BPM supreme. It has more of a minimalistic vibe. It’s very easy on the eyes and navigation is also very easy.

User Friendly

Both websites are very user-friendly. They’re well structured; you can find what you’re looking for pretty quickly.

Navigation is simple and obvious, even though BPM supreme’s website has more going on and much more content, they keep things as organized as possible.

It probably takes a few more clicks to get to where you want to go on the BPM supreme website than on the Digital DJ Pool website, but that’s because there is more content.

Website Features

Overall the website features of BPM supreme stand out much more than Digital DJ Pool.

BPM supreme offers a lot of extra’s for DJs while Digital DJ Pool kind of sticks to the standard playlists and charts.

One thing where BPM supreme scores a lot of points is the curated sets area. You can find handpicked sets by DJs and be inspired.

The best part about the curated sets area is the DJ sets on video where Crossfader DJ school performs a mix and adds a breakdown of the mix down in a different video.

These mix breakdown videos are a great way to learn and get inspired as a DJ. In my opinion, an awesome feature that is a very useful addition to their website.

Search Feature

Both search features are great. You can not only search the entire music library, but you can also put a filter on the entire library. If you’re looking for songs with key A1, for example, all genres will be filtered. This is a very good feature for open format DJs.

Besides the key filter, you can filter out song version/edit, genre, and BPM. Of course, there is also the search bar feature where you can search for artists and song names.

The difference in the search feature is that BPM also has a feature that allows you to filter out certain moods of songs. So if you want happy songs, you set a filter on the mood Happy. There are 14 different moods to choose from.

App features

Both DJ pools have created an App to search and discover music while you’re not in front of a computer.

There aren’t any differences in the features of their apps. They’re both useful tools to add music to your crates on the go and download them later.


BPM Supreme and Digital DJ Pool are very similar when it comes to their genres of music but besides that, there are important differences.

Digital DJ Pool might have a bigger music collection and a lot more new releases every week, they don’t offer mainstream music. Here lies the big advantage of BPM Supreme compared to Digital DJ Pool.

If you’re a DJ that likes to DJ with music from undiscovered and unknown DJs and artists then Digital DJ Pool is perfect for you. If not, then BPM supreme would be the better choice for you.

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