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DJ Instrumentals – Best Places to Download MP3 Instrumental Versions

Instrumentals are a great way to spice up your DJ mixes. However, you really have to know where to find good quality instrumental versions because there is a lot of junk out there. In this post, I’m going to share with you my favorite places to download the best instrumental songs in mp3 format.

DJ instrumentals are found in DJ record pools or created with the use of music software. There are some websites that offer pretty good quality mp3s as well. DJ pools offer the best quality DJ instrumentals and are offered in downloadable MP3 formats.

Continue to read if you want to know which DJ pools offer the most and best instrumental versions and how you can create your own DJ instrumentals in MP3 format. Lastly, I will give you some tips on using instrumentals in your DJ mixes.

What is A DJ Instrumental

DJ instrumentals are songs where the vocals have been removed. So normally, the song would have instrumentals and vocals, but an instrumental version of that same song would have the vocals stripped off so what is left is only music, the instrumentals.

Instrumental versions of songs are very popular among DJs because they’re very easy to mix with other tracks. The instrumentals are often used by DJs to create amazing mash-ups.

Instrumentals aren’t always full songs, sometimes a song has an instrumental part, often the intro and/or the outro of the song. These parts of songs where there’s only music are also called instrumentals.

Sometimes entire songs are without vocals. These types of instrumental songs are especially very common in electronic music like house, techno, and EDM.

Where do DJs Get Instrumentals

DJ instrumentals can be found in various places. Most DJs get their instrumentals from DJ pools or they create the instrumentals themselves with music software.

When DJs mix with instrumentals, they need the very best quality. If it’s not a good quality instrumental it could mess up the whole mix.

Finding the best DJ instrumentals is not easy if you don’t know where to look. Even DJs that are in the business for a while are struggling to find them sometimes. Thankfully DJ pools make it so much easier.

DJ pools have all kinds of song versions, but one of them is instrumental versions. They might not have instrumentals for all songs in their music library but some DJ pools do have a good amount of good-quality instrumental versions. The best part about it so you can download them in MP3 format with one click of a button.

DJ pools sometimes have thousands of instrumentals available to download in MP3 format.

There is a chance that a DJ pool doesn’t have the instrumental version of the song that a DJ would like to have. In that case, they create the instrumental themselves using special software.

There are websites that offer these services too. They let you upload the song that you would like an instrumental version of and within a couple of minutes it spits out an instrumental version of the song.

While these aren’t the best quality DJ instrumentals, these websites could be useful for when you really can’t find what you’re looking for in DJ pools and just want a quick and cheap solution to that problem.

Download DJ Instrumentals in MP3 Format

As I already mentioned, the best place to download instrumentals in MP3 format is a DJ Pool.

I know that ripping music on YouTube is cheap and easy with the right software, but I am very much against ripping songs off of Youtube.

Not just because the quality will be very bad compared to other sources, but also because DJs are supposed to support artists and producers. Without them, we couldn’t even DJ.

Here are a few DJ pools that offer instrumentals. I’ve created a quick overview so you get a better picture of the number of instrumentals in these DJ pools.

DJ PoolNumber of InstrumentalsInstrumentals per Genre
BPM Supreme641547% Hip-Hop & R&B
25% ’00s
9% ’90s
9% Pop
5% Dance
5% Other
DJcity82637% Hip-Hop
23% House
16% Pop
9% Latin
6% R&B
5% Other
4% Raggae
Digital DJ Pool521575% Hip-Hop & R&B
9% Electronic
6% House
5% Pop
5% other
Number of instrumentals on DJ pools

BPM Supreme is the DJ pool with the most amount of instrumentals. Most of their instrumentals are in the Hip-Hop & R&B genre. While a good 25% goes to the ’00s genre.

DJcity doesn’t have a lot of instrumentals compared to the other 2 DJ pools, however, they do offer a lot of instrumentals in the Hip-Hop genre. So if you’re a Hip-Hop fan, that would be a good one for you.

Digital DJ Pool also offers a lot of instrumentals but they mostly offer Hip-Hop & R&B. The 2nd best genre takes up 9% of the pie, that’s not a lot.

I do know that Digital DJ pool doesn’t offer mainstream music, so the Hip-Hop & R&B instrumentals are probably different than those you’ll find in PM supreme or DJcity.

If you’re interested in learning more about DJ pools, I highly recommend reading my Beginners Guide to DJ Pools.

Create MP3 Instrumentals to DJ With

There are more ways to collect some good quality DJ instrumentals. Besides downloading these instrumentals from DJ pools you can also create them yourself.

There are two ways to do this, one is by using software and the other is by using websites that offer to remove vocals from tracks that you upload to the website.

Below you’ll find software and some websites that offer to remove vocals. Keep in mind that free services and software might not get you the best DJ instrumentals.

However, if you’re not going to be using them in your gigs or upload your mixes on social media, these free options might be the best choice for you.

These 2 software programs might cost you a little money, but the advantage is you’ll have high-quality DJ instrumentals for every song you like. So many opportunities open up with these types of software.

You will have the ability to not just create MP3s but other formats as well. If you like to mess with audio editing, these 2 software programs are the right fit for you.

Free Software Programs to Remove Vocals

The free software below might not be the best DJ instrumental quality but it will do the job. When you’re a bedroom Djing experimenting with instrumentals, these options are a good choice for you.

Free Website Services to Remove Vocals

I’m not a huge fan of websites that offer vocal removal. Most of the time they’re a little bit spammy and weird pop-ups and malware spread.

I did find 3 websites that were good enough to use. I’m especially a fan of lalai.org. I’ve used Lalai.org before I subscribed or even knew about DJ pools. They look pretty decent and deliver good enough quality to DJ at home.

3 Tips for Using DJ Instrumentals in your DJ mixes

DJ instrumentals will make your DJ sounds very professional. Here are a few tips on how to use your instrumentals.

  • Combine them with one or more acapella’s from other songs. You will be surprised how some instrumentals sound amazing with acapella’s from other tracks.
  • Use an instrumental to transition to the next track. For example, the outro of track 1 is playing, then you start the instrumental song. When track 1 ends the instrumental will continue to play. Then you load up a new song on deck 1. Now find the right spot in the instrumental track to start blending your new track on deck 1.

    You could also use a loop to mix out of your instrumental track. It all depends on your personal style and what sounds better to you.
  • Combine different genres. I remember when I first did this and how amazed I was with the result. I tried mixing 50 cent with a Latin/Spanish beat. his combination sounds horrible to you now, but just try it out. I bet you can find a couple more of these combinations that most people think don’t go together but actually blend amazingly well.


DJ instrumentals are very useful song versions to use in your DJ mixes. However, it’s important to download quality MP3’s so that it won’t mess up the quality of your DJ mixes.

The best place to download DJ instrumentals is a DJ pool. Though DJ pools might not have instrumental versions of every song that you like, they do offer a lot. Especially BPM supreme offers a lot of instrumental versions in a lot of different genres.

If you really want that particular song that you can’t find in your DJ pool then you could choose to create the instrumental tracks yourself. You can use software that will do this for you or you could go to a website that offers vocal removal services. Both are available for free or paid versions.

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