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Creating & Using Loops – A Comprehensive Guide for DJs

The loop function is one of the most used tools for DJs. If you’re a DJ just starting to learn how to DJ, learning how to loop can improve your DJing skills very quickly. It’s an incredibly useful tool for a lot of different reasons. If you want to learn more about loops and how […]

How Long Does it Take to Learn to DJ (+ Where to Start)

Before investing your time and money in learning how to DJ, you might be wondering if it’s not too hard to learn and if anyone can learn and be a DJ. Maybe you’ve already tried DJing and are frustrated with the lack of improvement. In this post I’m going to answer your questions on how […]

Club Ready DJ School Review

The Club Ready DJ School offers DJ courses for beginner and advanced DJs. Having taken these courses recently, I want to share with you my takeaways and recommendations. So if you’re looking for a DJ course to get you started or keep you going strong, keep on reading. In this post I’ll give you a […]

Why Do DJs Use Headphones (What is Their Purpose)

When performing, DJs use their headphones to prepare the next track that they want to play in their DJ set. DJs listen to the song that they’re planning to play next in their headphones and make sure that it lines up with the beat of the current song. This is the way that DJs make […]

At What Age Can You Start DJing?

You can start DJing at any age. Especially when you’re young you learn things much more quickly, so it would even be a good idea to start DJing as soon as possible. An added benefit when you start DJing at a young age is that you’ll have a lot of years ahead of you to […]

Can You Make Beats with a DJ Controller?

Good DJs can turn any song into a very unique-sounding piece of music, using DJ controller features like loops, EQs, FX, and hot cues. However, you can’t create beats with a DJ controller. DJ controllers are not made to create beats, but rather to manipulate the sound of already created beats and songs. For creating […]

Best DJ Pool for Open Format DJs (All genres)

If you’re an open format DJ picking the right DJ pool is not easy. A lot of DJ pools are heavily fixated on 1 or 2 genres and often neglect a lot of the other genres. Needing many genres in their music collection, open-format DJs often subscribe to multiple DJ pools. Is this really necessary? […]

How to DJ with Pop Music (Tips to Mix Pop)

When you look around the internet, there are a lot of DJs but not a lot of them seem to DJ pop music. The only DJs that DJ with pop is the open format DJs. Because pop music is not very popular among DJs you won’t find a lot of information on how to DJ […]

Beginner DJ Headphones – What to Look for + Recommendations

Headphones are one of those technical elements of DJing that you really need to dive into a little bit before you buy them. Honestly, as a beginner DJ, headphones are not the most important thing, but eventually, you do need to get yourself a pair of comfortable and quality headphones. Especially if you intend to […]

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