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BPM Music (BPM Supreme) vs. DJcity + Genre Comparison

Bpm Supreme and DJcity are both trusted and respected DJ pools in the DJ world. A lot of people are doubting whether to go for one or the other. This BPM Supreme vs DJcity comparison will show you the similarities and differences between the two DJ Pools. I’m positive this comparison will help you choose the right one.

BPM Supreme vs. DJcity Genre Comparison

To get a better understanding of the differences in genre, I’ll post the top 5 genres of both DJ pools below.

#BPM SupremeDJcity
3Electro HouseLatin
BPM Supreme vs. DJcity – Top 5 genre comparison

As you can see both BPM supreme and DJcity specialize in different genres.

What I did to create these top 5 genres for both DJ Pools, is I looked at the entire music library and filtered all genres. Then I counted the number of many tracks for each genre.

I also did research on new releases. Over the course of 5 weeks, I looked at the number of new releases per genre.

When looking at the new releases over the course of those 5 weeks, more than 55% of BPM Supreme’s total new releases in those 5 weeks were Hip-Hop and R&B releases.

Compared to DJcity, where almost 37% were House music releases.

Important differences in music collection

There is one thing that I have to mention about both music collections is that BPM Supreme also has classics and throwbacks. While on DJcity tracks older than 6 months get deleted.

These important differences make BPM supreme a far better choice for open format DJs.

For an overview of all the genres on both DJ Pools, I highly recommend that you visit their separate review articles.

Click here for the BPM Supreme review

Click here for the DJcity review

BPM Supreme vs. DJcity Website Comparison

Both websites are pretty easy to navigate. You can find what you’re looking for pretty easily.

Search feature

BPM Supreme has an amazing search system in place. You can search their entire library and filter out a specific Key or a BPM range. Of course, you can also search for genre, and category but also filter out certain moods like, happy or calm. You can combine every filter type with each other to get the best results.

DJcity’s search feature also allows you to filter by key, bpm, or genre but you first have to search by artist, genre, or song name. You can’t search the entire library for Key for example. In other words, you really have to know what you’re looking for and know your genre.

One thing I do have to mention because I do like that feature on DJcity is that you can search for songs by remixer. They actually have a whole page dedicated to remixes, including a picture and where they’re from.


BPM supreme offers a lot of possibilities to be inspired. The mix breakdown series where you can actually see a mix performed by one of the Crossfader DJs and then see the breakdown of it is very inspiring and educational.

DJcity is not inspiring by nature. Besides some playlists for inspiration, there is not much else that could bring you to new ideas.

BPM Supreme vs. DJcity Apps

Both BPM supreme and DJCity have developed an app as well. Here is a short list of features for both.

BPM Supreme App features:

  • Search music library
  • Preview songs
  • Add songs to your BPM Supreme crates
  • Stay up to date with the latest DJ, producer, and music new

DJcity App features:

  • Search music library
  • Preview songs
  • Add songs to DJcity crates

DJcity Desktop App

The desktop app is something that only DJcity has available. The features are pretty much the same except for one important difference.

On the desktop app, you can download your whole crate at once, instead of downloading one by one.

My Recommendations

Having done the research on the BPM Supreme and DJcity, my recommendation would be to go for BPM Supreme.

This recommendation is based on the beautiful website, which is very cool, professional, and inspirational, and the overall genre list.

BPM supreme offers a more wide range of genres, plus BPM supreme has classics and throwbacks which, to me is a very big plus.

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