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DJcity Review (Genres, Limits, Usability)

Another big name in the DJ world, DJcity. I always wondered what the fuss was about so I subscribed to their DJ pool to check it out. Over time I’ve collected my experiences with DJcity and put it all on paper so you can decide if you’re willing to give it a try. So if you’re in the search of a good DJ Pool to subscribe to, this DJcity review is for you.

DJcity Likes and Dislikes

What I like about DJcityWhat I don’t like about DJcity
Easy to navigate the websiteOnly new music (no classics or throwbacks)
Track updates feature
Releases a lot of new music every week
Podcasts on the DJcity app
DJcity review table

DJcity Review Key Takeaways

DJcity’s website is easy and straight to the point. However, DJcity lacks inspirational content. For some genres, DJcity is capable of keeping things interesting. For other genres than their main 3 genres, in my opinion, it’s not worth subscribing to. DJcity has a great mobile app, including podcasts, and a desktop app, both are easy to use and have added features compared to the website.

For Who is DJcity the Right Fit

DJcity is for you when you like to DJ with the genres like House and Hip-Hop. If you like Urban and Latin music, DJcity is also a good choice.

DJcity is geared toward DJs that know their genre and the music they want to play. There is no real source of inspiration

A Review on DJcity Music Genres

DJcity contains music from 5 different DJ Pools, all located in different areas around the world including the US, UK, Germany, Japan, and Latin America.

DJcity Top 20 genres

#GenreNumber of tracks
2Hip Hop5030
8UK House1285
9German Rap1126
13Tech House779
14UK Hip Hop773
15Bass House750
17Dancehall Drums630
Top 20 Genres on DJcity

DJcity divides its music into 7 main categories:

  • Hip-Hop
  • House
  • Latin
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Raggea
  • Other

I looked at newly added tracks per genre over the course of 5 weeks. Here are the results:

Genres Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5 Totals
Hip-Hop1815222312 90
House3841312634 170
Latin2129221115 98
Pop811883 38
R&B25230 12
Reggae10000 1
Other11911128 51
Totals99110968372 460
DJcity Review of new music added over the course of 5 days for each category of music

What we can take away from the above results is:

  • DJcity heavily focuses heavily on 1 specific genre: House music
  • 2 other genres are doing well too: Latin and Hip-Hop
  • An average of 92 new songs are added every week.

Here are the top 5 genres for new releases on DJcity.

  1. House
  2. Latin
  3. Hip-Hop
  4. Other
  5. Pop

The entire list of genres on DJcity is VERY long. So the “Other” genre is anything other than Hip-Hop, House, Latin, Pop, R&B, and Reggae. Here is a list of some of the “Other” genres on DJcity:

  • Afro House
  • Afrobeats
  • Alternative
  • Bachata
  • Bass
  • Bollywood
  • Christmas
  • Country
  • Dance
  • Dancehall
  • Deep House
  • Disco
  • Drum & Bass
  • Dubstep
  • Electro
  • Electro House
  • Electro Pop
  • Festival Trap
  • French
  • French Hip Hop
  • Funk
  • Future Bass
  • Future House
  • Garage
  • German Pop
  • German R&B
  • German Rap
  • Grime
  • Groove House
  • Halloween
  • Hardstyle
  • Indie Dance
  • Indie Rock
  • Italian Hip Hop
  • Italian Pop
  • Japanese Hip Hop
  • Japanese Music
  • Japanese Reggae
  • Jersey Club
  • Juke
  • K-Pop
  • Merengue
  • Minimal
  • Moombahton
  • Nu Disco
  • Progressive House
  • Psy Trance
  • Reggaeton
  • Rock
  • Salsa
  • Soca
  • Soul
  • Tech House
  • Techno
  • Trance
  • Tropical
  • Tropical House
  • Twerk
  • UK Afrobeats
  • UK Dancehall
  • UK Funky
  • UK Hip Hop
  • UK House
  • UK Pop
  • UK RnB

DJcity Website Review

Look and Feel

When you log in to your account on DJcity, on the home page of your personal account, you can find a whole bunch of music right at the start.

Thankfully it’s there’s also a nice big banner that chops the page up a little bit.

Personally, I think the lists of tracks are good but they could be more organized and appealing to the eye.

You have the option to choose a light or dark mode, depending on your personal preference. Which is a nice feature.


In my opinion, the menu structure could more efficient. When you hover over the menu items, of which there are only 3, a list of options will appear. Especially in the Record Pool menu option, there are 10 different options to choose from. I think they could have structured that in a better way.

Search Feature

In my opinion, searching the music library of a DJ pool should be simple and easy. There are so many songs in those DJ Pools, that you sometimes lose your way a little bit. A good DJ Pool should have an easy way to search and filter.

DJcity has a good search tool available on their website where you can filter by key, bpm, genre, song name, artist name, and song version. However, you can’t search their entire library just by key or bpm, which I think is a big miss.

DJcity Music Catalog

New Releases

DJcity releases are categorized into the 7 main genres: Hip-Hop, House, Latin, Pop, R&B, Reggae, and Other.

DJcity releases a lot of new tracks, especially House music. According to my research DJcity releases on average 34 new house tracks per week.

These are the most downloaded tracks by DJcity members. You can see the most popular songs for different time frames. There is a 1-week chart, a 2-week chart, a 1-month chart, and a 1-year chart.

The most popular lists are created for the 7 main genres: Hip-Hop, House, Latin, Pop, R&B, Reggae, and Other.

DJcity Exclusives

Djcity exclusives are tracks that you won’t find anywhere else. They’re created exclusively for DJcity by DJs that work together with DJcity.

DJcity offers exclusives for all their main genre categories.


Since May 2021 DJcity has released 13 new playlists per month consistently, for 13 different genres. Every playlist collection consists of a list of 7 songs.

The 13 new playlist genres are:

  • Trap/Twerk
  • House
  • Big Room
  • West Coast Hip-Hop & R&B
  • Southern Hip-Hop & R&B
  • East Coast Hip-Hop & RnB
  • Pop
  • Latin
  • Afrobeats/Dancehall
  • UK/Hip-Hop
  • German
  • South Asian
  • Japan

Monthly Charts

Top 50 of the top tracks downloaded each month. These charts are created for 5 different areas in the world: Global, Latin, UK, Germany, and Asia.


There are over 160 genres you can choose from. These genres include DJ tools like scratch tools and wordplay.

Search Remixers

Another nice feature on DJcity. The search remixer page lets you search for remixers. It’s a nice page dedicated to the remixers on DJcity with a photo and where they’re from. You can click on their picture and see all their tracks.

Track Updates

A nice feature that I haven’t seen on any DJ pool so far. On the Track Updates page, you can find all songs that had an update. So when newer and higher-quality versions of the previously released tracks are available, the track is added to this list.


On the Global page, you can find music that is sorted by different areas around the world. You can choose Latin, Asia, South-Asia, Germany, and the UK.

DJ Tools

DJcity does have some tools like samples and scratch tools, however, you actually need to type in the search bar what you’re looking for because otherwise, it’s very hard to find.

Music Downloading Limits on DJcity

When you’ve found what you’re looking for it’s easy to download it or add it to your crate to download it later.

Just click on the 3 dots next to your track and click on the download icon or crate icon. You can also add the track to the preview cue to listen to it again if you’re not sure.

You can download each version of a song 3 times. So if a song has a dirty version, an acapella version, and an instrumental version, you can download them all 3 times.

There are no other download limits on DJcity.

DJcity Apps

Mobile App

The mobile app of Djcity looks pretty neat. I actually prefer the mobile app over the website.

It’s very easy to navigate and it looks very clean and organized.

In the mobile app, you can discover, search and listen to new music on your phone. You can add the music to your crates so you can download them later.

A nice added feature that you won’t find on the website is the Podcasts. On these podcasts, they interview local DJs all around the world and give them some airtime. It’s a great feature.

Desktop App

The desktop app has all features of the website but you can download multiple tracks at once. On the website in your crate area, simply click on ” send all tracks to the desktop app”. Next, open your desktop app and download all tracks at once.

DJcity Subscriptions with Price

Plan1st MonthNormal Price
1-month plan$10$30
6-month plan$10$150
DJcity subscriptions

DJcity Review’ Final notes

DJcity has a good name when it comes to certain genres. However, for me as an open format DJ that likes to download new and old songs, and likes to discover new music, there are some flaws that I think are make or break factors. I definitely like DJcity’s easy way to navigate the website and their attention to the remixers, but for inspirational purposes, it lacks discovery options.

However, if you’re a House music DJ, a Latin DJ, or a Hip-Hop DJ, I do think DJcity has a lot to offer.

If you’re looking for more ways to improve your music library I recommend reading my related article: Where DJs get Their Music

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