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Serato DJ Lite Review

Serato DJ Lite is a free DJ software with limited functionalities compared to paid DJ software. Though Serato DJ Lite might have less to offer compared to paid DJ software, it might still be a great DJ software for beginners. I’ve been using Serato DJ Lite in the first few years of my DJ journey […]

How to Build a Good DJ Set (DJ Sets Explained)

If you want to build a good DJ set, it will take some preparation. In this post, I’m going to share some things that I’ve learned before, during ánd after my DJ sets, to help you get the most out of yours. How to Build a DJ set: Anyone can build a DJ set, but […]

Top 3 DJ Courses for Beginners 2023

There are thousands of DJ courses out there. How do you choose the right one if you’re a beginner? I’ve taken a couple of beginner DJ courses for beginners, and I want to share my experiences with you. On this page I will share my current favourite beginner DJ courses. Hopefully, my experience will help […]

How to Start DJing with No Money

No money in your bank account but you would still love to learn how to DJ? You don’t need expensive equipment to learn how to DJ. In this post, I will show you how you can start DJing with no money at all. DJing with no money shouldn’t be a problem. All you really need […]

Beginner DJ Lessons Review (Phil Harris)

Learning how to DJ is fun, but it’s also not the easiest thing to do. A DJ course is one of the best decisions you could make, if you want to learn to DJ properly. In this post we’re taking a look at the beginner DJ course by Phil Harris. When I first started DJing, […]

Basics of DJing – How to Learn to DJ for Beginners

Learning the fundamentals is always the best way to learn anything. DJing is learning the basics and repeating until you master them. It’s very important to learn these fundamental basics the right way from the start. That’s why in this post I’m going to share with you my best tips to begin to learn the […]

What is a Crossfader? (And How to Use it)

The crossfader is a well-known DJ term, but if you’re a beginner you might wonder, what is a crossfader and how do you use it? This is what you should know about the crossfader. A crossfader is a slider on a DJ controller that you can slide to the left, to the right, or everything […]

What Are Cue Points? (And How to Use them)

Cue points are another helpful tool for a DJ to work faster and smarter. If you don’t know what cue points are and how they can help you as a DJ, this post is for you. A cue point is a manually set mark in a song. When you press the button that correlates with […]

How to Use Headphones when DJing

Your headphones can be of great help when you’re DJing. I remember when I struggled and had a lot of questions about how to use headphones when Djing. I want to help you save some time with this post. This is how to activate your headphones on your DJ hardware: Your headphones are a very […]

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