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When you’ve just started DJing, or haven’t been DJing for a long time, you probably haven’t seen and tested a lot of DJ software. You just pick one and you try to get used to it because you don’t have enough experience or material to compare.

To make an informed decision and not waste your time learning DJ software that actually holds you back, I want to share with you my favorite DJ software.

DJ software brands

First let’s take a look at the most popular brands that offer DJ software.

  • Serato DJ
    • Very popular DJ software. One of the biggest ones on the market With various versions of their DJ software, they serve the scratch DJ, The EDM DJ, as well the mainstream pop DJ. They have a lot to offer and they’re rightfully one of the most used DJ software out there.
  • Virtual DJ
    • Been around since 2003. They’ve been gaining popularity ever since. Today in 2021 it’s also one of the most popular DJ software on the market. With a free version as well as a paid version, they want to aid the new DJ as well as the advanced DJ.
  • Rekordbox by Pioneer DJ
    • Rekordbox DJ is owned by Pioneer DJ. Rekordbox is limited to use with Pioneer DJ Hardware only. The very famous DJ equipment brand for advanced DJs. Pioneer is a great DJ brand but this limitation doesn’t make this software very tempting for beginner DJs.
  • Traktor by Native Intruments
    • Traktor is a DJ software created by Native Instruments. Budget-friendly DJ software with a number of DJ hardware available as well.
  • Ableton Live
    • Ableton is more geared toward music producers although they have been trying to get into the market of DJing a little bit. When you want to try music production as well as DJ, you should give Ableton Live a try. They’re very popular in the music production industry.

My favorite DJ software brand

There definitely are a lot of good DJ software brands out there. You can get a long way using any of the DJ software mentioned above. I do have an absolute favorite though and that is Serato DJ.

Serato is a perfect fit for people who want a very neat layout that is easy to navigate. Almost all DJ software seems to have kind of a “crowded” layout with lots of little buttons and options. Serato DJ on the other hand will give you a very clear view of the all the possibilities.

Another thing I love about Serato DJ is that it is compatible with iTunes, Tidal, Beatport, Beatsource and Soundcloud. A lot of options to choose from when you want to stream your music.

Serato, in my opinion, is the best DJ software for beginner DJs who want to learn the art of Djing on a solid foundation. Beginners with 0 to 1 year of experience would do well with Serato DJ Lite. After that Serato DJ pro will do the trick for you.

Serato DJ Lite is for free and you can download it right here

Serato DJ Pro is $129 or you can subscribe for $9.99 a month. You can purchase it here.
There is also a 14-day free trial available for Serato DJ Pro. You can download it right here.

Price indications

DJ SoftwarePriceMonthly subscriptionFree Version?Trial?
Serato DJ Pro$129$9.99Yes14 days
Virtual DJ Pro~$299~$25Yesn/a
Traktor Pro 3~$120~$25Yesn/a
Ableton Live~$77n/aNo90 days
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