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Best Headphones for DJs

Headphones may be one of the most underestimated equipment of DJs. While it does not impact the quality of your DJ a lot, a good headphone can make your work as a DJ that much easier.

Some people might think a headphone is a headphone but I definitely have experienced the difference between a good headphone one and a bad headphone.

A good headphone is easy on your ears and makes it much easier for you to perform the tasks of a DJ, without the distractions of the environment.

My top 3 headphones for DJing

#1 Sennheiser HD 25 Proffesional DJ headphone

Sennheiser has amazing quality headphones. This particular one has won my heart with the amazing sounds and the very helpful capability to isolate the sounds in the headphones so the outside noise won’t bother you.

#2 Sony h.ear Premium High-Res Stereo Headphones

Sony is not a brand that is geared toward DJs but I must admit that I really like some of their headphones. The sound coming from the SOny h.ear headphones are perfectly balanced and are a delight to listen to. Very comfortable to wear and they have some nice colors available as well.

#3 Pioneer High-Res Closed Dynamic Headphones

You may know pioneer, as it is one of the leading brands in the DJ world. They also make headphones specifically targeted toward DJs. I must say I am impressed with the headphones. They are my number 3 because there are some things that could be better, but for this price, you won’t find anything better than these Pioneer High-Res Closed Dynamic Headphones.

Important headphone functionalities for a DJ

The headphones that are in my top 3 are picked out of a bunch of headphones that I tried. Different headphones have a lot of different qualities.

The headphones in the top 3 are picked by the following features:

  • How does it handle noise from outside

When you’re DJing it can be very distracting to hear all kinds of sounds and noise besides form the song that you are trying to listen to in your headphones. The perfect noise canceling feature is actually not the noise-canceling feature itself but the capability to isolate the sound coming from your headphones. My number one headphone by Sennheiser is a master at this. The sound is comfortable, of great quality, and isolated.

  • One ear listening

As you may or may not know a DJ sometimes has to listen to the music coming from the speaker as well as the music that is coming from the headphones. The Sennheiser headphone, my number one, is very capable of wearing comfortably on one ear without the headphone falling off your head.

  • Capable to withstand loud music

There are a lot of headphones out there that can’t handle the loud music coming from your headphones when you’re DJing. It will sound distorted and really makes the headphones kind of useless. In loud environments, where you need to turn the volume of your headphone up pretty loudly, you need headphones that are capable of handling loud music well. They have to have a balanced sound that won’t sound loud, but just easier to hear. All three headphones are very capable of doing just that.

Again don’t underestimate the impact of good headphones when you’re DJing. Take a look at the headphones mentioned above, try one out, and notice the difference.

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